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ADULT Volunteer Eligibility Requirements
Application and Eligibility Requirements
These requirements are provided at no cost to the volunteer except for #4

1. Minimum age 18
2. Physically, mentally and emotionally able to perform duties assigned
3. A minimum six month commitment (except summer program)
4. Purchase the approved volunteer uniform ($20-28, depending on selection)
5. Complete application
6. Attend an interview with a Volunteer Services representative
7. Upon acceptance, you will need to provide reference and background check processing information. You will also meet with the hospital's employee health nurse to:
· Review the health assessment forms
· Review copy of immunizations
· Receive a mandatory tuberculin skin test which requires a small blood sample - at no charge
· Receive flu vaccination (Sept. - May)
8. Complete new volunteer orientation prior to the 1st day of volunteering.
ADULT Volunteer Application
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(Stormont Vail Health conducts criminal record checks. Failure to divulge complete information may disqualify you from volunteer service. However, a conviction will not necessarily disqualify an applicant from applying).

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Upon submission of your application you will be contacted by the volunteer office within two to three business days. If you have questions please contact us at volunteerdept@stormontvail.org or (785) 354-6095.